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Listen to some Chuukese Music!

Blue Waves - Beautiful Chuukese Mashup

Pacific Islands Bible College ~ Chuukese Students

My Amazing Friend & Colleague, Buster Muritok

Chuukese Stick Dance - Wenö Island


MICRONESIA IS IN THE HOUSE…at our 36th Pacific Fun Day Annual Festival - MD!! (8/21/2021) Beautiful dancing performed by my amazing daughters (wow!) and me on the ukulele singing an original song, “Tongen Sangkumi” by the late Kaniki, Chuukese/Pohnpeiian Minstrel (circa 1981)!! RIP my friend, Kaniki. 


*DISCLAIMER: Although our song (and clothing) are Micronesian, our dance is Polynesian. I was raised in Chuuk….my daughters weren’t. So we decided to bring unity and do a performance that brought the Pacific Island cultures together, incorporating a very old Chuukese Field Day tune…merged with my daughters’ dance choreography. No offense intended—only respect and love!! 

"Tongen Sangkumi mi penges fan mwari

Mi wewe ngeni emon ketinas…

Ngang upwe ne angeiano manauei

Pokiten fan itomw….."

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